Champion Plastics utilizes blow moulding machinery installed with MOOG parison controllers to achieve engineered components for automotive applications. The production facility has been developing over the past 25 years to meet the increasing demands of the customers for technical blow moulded products. The various materials that are processed by Champion Plastics include HDPE,PP,PPTF,HYTREL,PP+EPDM,TPV. The total facility comprises of 26000 square foot, of which the blow moulding facility has a land area of 8000 square foot and the assembly area is 8000 square foot which is capable of expansion.

Manufacturing Facility

  • 12 varied size machines ranging from a capacity of 20 -100 litres
  • Variety of customer specific surface finish
  • In-house secondary operation equipment design and manufacture
  • In-house mould assembly and trial run
  • Maximum shot weight of about 7kg
  • In-mould capability of ferrous, non-ferrous inserts, colour stickering

Assembly facility

  • Pneumatic controlled special purpose machine for bubble cutting, slot punching
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Conventional Drilling Machine
  • 3-axis milling Machine
  • Automated leak testing Machine


  • Computer aided manufacturing for designing – Nx6, AutoCAD
  • Tool design and assembly best suited for blow moulding process
  • Secondary operation equipment tooling
  • Assembly tooling
  • Proven network of outsourced mould makers